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Here Iam…back after a long

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002

Here Iam…back after a long gap…already deep under into the pfizer project. The whole of last week for really relaxing after a long time. Its has been almost an year since I have started shuttling to denver week after week. So this week break for a blessing. I spent it the right way, I think…doing nothing great…besides following up on this project. I found some time to visit my dentist to get my regular clean up, I had my ignition re-call installed for my Honda Accord, my long time wish of installing the CD player in my car was accomplished(bit expensive that i thought, may be it was a mistake!) and I also burnt some audio CDs. This week its been a smooth sailing here in new jersy. Met sam ( samuel george, my coimbatore, PSG Tech class mate) and had a nice time with him last night. I meeting KCT suresh today. Its good. The project is also really interesting…I hoping to learn a lot of stuff and have fun here!

A project for pfizer seems

Monday, October 14th, 2002

A project for pfizer seems to be working out…if everything goes well…i might be starting as early as next week…damn, i will my miss precious break!!!

If you really had nothing

Monday, October 14th, 2002

If you really had nothing else in this world to do…try this Sand Art

It has been a relaxing

Monday, October 14th, 2002

It has been a relaxing week after a long time. My friend selva is here from dallas for job search! Santhosh has settled down on his new job at GM with dana helping him out to get to know the people and surroundings. Besides cooking & eating some good food and we didnt do anything except watching the movie ‘Youth’ painfully!. Tried talking to coimbatore through yahoo voice chat, but wasnt really good. Heard that amma has eventually gotten herself into the world of computers and internet for the first time, this past weekend. Welcome to the Internet, Amma. This week, Iam hoping to find a project for myself and If it can be in detroit, that will be the one of the best I could possibly ask for at this moment. Lets see. Iam planning to go to the new detroit BearingPoint consulting office (never been there before!) today, and hoping to meet some folks who are working locally. They should give me some leads for local prospects if iam lucky…lets see.

Iam feeling a bit restless,

Friday, October 11th, 2002

Iam feeling a bit restless, especially as the clock nears 5 …Iam leaving denver for good and Iam not sure if I will be back here. Its a mixed feeling…I was here from the beginning of this current project work and I helped them deliver two phases successfully…so it gives a strange feeling that Iam leaving back something here…but at the same time…i love new things, new places and work so, iam all set for a new project somewhere else. I also need a break for a week or two. I have been shuttling back and forth every week for past one year…so…let me feel good about this. The team here has also been phenomenal…one of the best I have ever worked with. It had the best mix of some good tech and non-tech folks, who are great to work with. Iam sure I have learnt a lot from each of these guys. I would consider myself really lucky if I land in a project next, which has such a good team. All my wishes for the team. Good Bye, Denver.

I found this one interesting

Wednesday, October 9th, 2002

I found this one interesting. http://www.sulekha.com/articledesc.asp?cid=167625 I love good screenplay and I have watched most of the movies that were nominated (and ofcourse those that won) for screenplay in acadamy awards!

Ever since I moved to

Wednesday, October 9th, 2002

Ever since I moved to United States, Iam glad that I have picked up the habit of Reading. This, I believe has given me a lot of awareness and knowledge. It is also making me a better person everyday. Though it drives me crazy at times that I couldnt read everything I would want to. A consequence of this has been an undying urge to Write. I consider this blog of mine as the first baby step towards my writing ambitions. I know I dont have any style or at time, my vocabulary itself sucks…but then that drive inside me will make sure my writing gets better day by day. I found this site http://www.scholastic.com really helpful in my writing pursuits. This is a site for kids. But I consider myself no better than a kid when it comes to putting down the words on paper!!!

Funny! makes me wonders if

Wednesday, October 9th, 2002

Funny! makes me wonders if there will be an end to crazyness… http://www.xmission.com/~maddox/irule.html

Iam having a hard time

Wednesday, October 9th, 2002

Iam having a hard time reminding myself that I shouldnt be coming back to denver this monday. I have been boarding the damn monday morning United Airlines, 7.30 flight to denver, from detroit…for an year…week after week. Its all coming to an end at last. Though Iam glad I dont have to get up at 5 anymore, on a Monday. I will be missing denver and the set of new friends I got know here. I still remember, when I landed here for the first time, to join this project, last november. I knew nobody and Iam glad Iam returning back having done something for the project and at the same time, learning so much from every one I came across here. The best thing I hate to miss, is the winter season and mountains. I really had a great time, this past winter, snow boarding in the rockies. It would have been nice If I had a chance to stay back for another winter and improve my boarding skill. No other place beats the colorado rockies for winter sports. Well, I could only hope I get another project where it atleast snows…

Atlast our PC in coimbatore

Tuesday, October 8th, 2002

Atlast our PC in coimbatore was up and running Sridhar connected to the internet and we were able to chat for a while. I thought I should try to login into that machine using remote login from NetMeeting and I tried…and it worked…I logged from my laptop from Denver, to my home PC in Coimbatore and I got a glimpse of our PC. It isnt that big a deal technically, but it was great to see it. I could now help them solve some of their problems for here. Makes me feel better.

Iam going to sriram’s house

Monday, October 7th, 2002

Iam going to sriram’s house for dinner. He is my good old suburban school mate, Rajesh G’s brother, living here in denver. The last time I was there, we had some good time talking about the days we have spent together in coimbatore. Sriram and I used to go to Aptech in RS Puram, in my bicycle back in 1988 to do computer courses. We talked about the day, while returning home from class, when we both stopped by at the pazha mudhir nilayam, RS Puram to have a glass of fresh juice. Since I had Rs.20 with me and I offered to buy both of us a glass ( Rs.10 each ). The real scene unveiled when I was about to leave the glass on top of the table, after finishing it….$*(&%(*$&(*&$W….I slipped the glass and it was broken to pieces…while I we didnt think it was a big deal…the shop owner noticed it and he stepped down from his high raised seat…and said with a cool tone…”Just give Rs.5 for that leave…”. I was incidentally surprised by the fact that it cost Rs.5 for glass and Rs.10 for juice!!!…I thought Sriram could spare 5 bucks for me and I turned over and gave a cool look at sriram, which implied I was asking to pay it. It took a second or two for me to digest, when he replied, ‘Sudhar…na sutham’…which means he had literally nothing in his pocket. So we rendered a awful look at the shop owner, who inspite of our desperate looks, said, we had to pay that damn Rs.5. On top of that, he went on to suggest that one of could stay there, while the other one could go ‘somewhere’ to get 5 rupees. I dont exactly remember if it was embarassing for me…perhaps I wasnt grown enough to even be embarassed for that momemt….but Iam sure sriram was. So we finally decided we couldnt go back either of our home, since it will take a full 40 mts or so go and come back. I finally managed to go to a friends house nearby and shamefully borrowed Rs.5 ( I refused to accept Rs.10 from him!!! ) and payed for the expesive Glass ( not the juice )…we headed back home at around 7 PM…doubles in my Hero cycle. It doesnt seem that big a deal today, but it was a special moment that we will cherish for ever! Good night.

I will be rolling off

Monday, October 7th, 2002

I will be rolling off from this project this week…unless something turns up for extension here or elsewhere, i might have to be on bench for a while…man thats not good. I am also going to miss Denver…heck, I am hoping I will have good two week vacation!!!…hope for the best

I updated the look &

Sunday, October 6th, 2002

I updated the look & Feel and the content of www.sudhar.com and uplodaded it to be more in sync with this look & feel of this blogger page. I hope its good. I hope to keep it up to date atleast from now on. This whole weekend just went by sitting infront of the computer at work! I was told that I should be supporting the training folks here…but looks like no body came in today except me. Anyway, Iam happy atleast I got these things done. I am going to go and see a movie…Good night!

Wow! I cant believe I

Sunday, October 6th, 2002

Wow! I cant believe I am having my own blog on the web. Its a great feeling as I always wanted to have one and here Iam today, publishing my first scribbles on the web. It wasn’t that hard at all, contrary to what I thought it would be. Iam glad I could find this weekend off from detroit, staying back here in denver to do this for myself. Its even more interesting that I could host it on my own server at www.sudhar.com. Now, that I have done this, my next goal is to move my domain out from my hosting provider to my home server. Let the real fun begins!