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Here Iam…back after a long

Here Iam…back after a long gap…already deep under into the pfizer project. The whole of last week for really relaxing after a long time. Its has been almost an year since I have started shuttling to denver week after week. So this week break for a blessing. I spent it the right way, I think…doing nothing great…besides following up on this project. I found some time to visit my dentist to get my regular clean up, I had my ignition re-call installed for my Honda Accord, my long time wish of installing the CD player in my car was accomplished(bit expensive that i thought, may be it was a mistake!) and I also burnt some audio CDs. This week its been a smooth sailing here in new jersy. Met sam ( samuel george, my coimbatore, PSG Tech class mate) and had a nice time with him last night. I meeting KCT suresh today. Its good. The project is also really interesting…I hoping to learn a lot of stuff and have fun here!

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