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Vanakkam & Hello _/\_!

Short version about me: a semi-americanized indian living west of new york city; a place to reflect on my experiences; an open diary of thoughts on social enterprises for edutainment, strategy, technology, etc; a place to share and reinforce life is too wonderful to be spent worrying; Gimme a holler at skchary@yahoo.com

Longer version:

This small place on the Internet is the web home of Sudhar Krishnamachary. I am so glad you stopped by to check it out!

I really enjoy the time I spend on the internet. Getting lost online in chasing one story to other is an addiction I couldn’t get rid of. Frankly, I don’t want to. That first love with internet back in late 90s initiated the drive in me to create and write this blog. I believe I have something interesting and valuable to share with the rest of the world. I leave that for you to validate it.

If I have to describe myself in brief, I would say “Curious & Driven”. What I write about is anything that grabs my interest or tickles my inspiration or quenches my thirst to know, learn, do and share. This is a blog from the soul of a person who is endlessly curious about scores of things under the sky and some beyond the sun. The universe is my candy store, and I am one of those types of people that Barbara Sher calls “Scanners”.

Though that is too broad a scope, I typically write about innovation, creativity, edutainment (convergence of entertainment & education), writing, philosophy, technology, digital media (short films), social enterprises to name a few recurring themes. Ultimately, this is a place for me to express, to reflect and to give back to anyone who is willing to take it.

A Zen Buddhist riddle describes me better than I could have ever imagined:

Q: How long should you stay at something?
A: However long it takes to get what you came for.
Q: How do you decide what you came for?
A: You don’t, you discover it.
Q: How do you discover it?
A: You notice what isn’t there anymore when you feel like leaving.

I am particularly interested in education, career awareness and social changes in India and contributed articles to ThinkChangeIndia, dedicated to tracking social enterprise in India.

On the personal front, I am originally from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India and living at present in Bridgewater, New Jersey. I came to US in April 1999 for work with the hope to return back to India some day. I studied Computer Science & Engineering @ Kumaraguru College of Technology in Coimbatore, India and studied MBA in Marketing, Media & Entertainment @ NewYork University’s Stern School of Business. As you can see from what I focused at NYU, I have special interest in media – particularly independent short films and feature films. One of my long-term goals is to have my own production media company – focused on children’s content.

I am student of Hindustani classical vocal singing though I enjoy all forms of music. To me, music is a ethereal language that communicates in a different plan than spoken or written language. I play Tennis and striving hard to improve my game to get past the USAT level 3.5. Winter time, I try to enjoy one of my favorite recreation, snowboarding.

I am married to charming Harini (her discontinued blog here and her new digiart blog here), from chennai. She is originally from Kanpur. Everything around me seem to have changed ever since our marriage in Kumbakonam on Nov, 2003. She is bubbling personality and we try to have a good time in everything we do. We are blessed with three boys, in 2008, 2011 and 2014! Its amazing experience to nurture them as they grow up fast and time continues to fly by around them.

I am on Twiiter and LinkedIn . Please do connect if we share comment interests.

If you like what you read here, please share with your folks you know. Nothing else motivates me than knowing one more person benefits from what I share.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please drop a note to email me.

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