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Iam feeling a bit restless,

Iam feeling a bit restless, especially as the clock nears 5 …Iam leaving denver for good and Iam not sure if I will be back here. Its a mixed feeling…I was here from the beginning of this current project work and I helped them deliver two phases successfully…so it gives a strange feeling that Iam leaving back something here…but at the same time…i love new things, new places and work so, iam all set for a new project somewhere else. I also need a break for a week or two. I have been shuttling back and forth every week for past one year…so…let me feel good about this. The team here has also been phenomenal…one of the best I have ever worked with. It had the best mix of some good tech and non-tech folks, who are great to work with. Iam sure I have learnt a lot from each of these guys. I would consider myself really lucky if I land in a project next, which has such a good team. All my wishes for the team. Good Bye, Denver.

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