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Want to be an executive?

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

Right Management Consultants’ latest survey on ‘skills that most organizations are looking for in executives’ has lead to the two most desired qualities : Ability to motivate others and the ability to communicate.

It might seem obvious and simple but it is still very difficult in practice. Knowledge, confidence and trust precedes good communication which precedes motivation. Jack Welch said, “You’ve got to be comfortable with yourself to make a good boss.”

More desired skills and the detailed survey results here.

Common denominator of success

Monday, January 16th, 2006

I am reading through “Seven habits of highly effective people” yet another time. The greatness of this book is it is a lifelong read and everytime I read it after a few years gap, I understand it even better and recognize my strengths and weaknesses clearly.

As I was passing through the Habit 3 today, I read about Stephen Covey’s favourite essay ‘Common Denominator of Success’. Intrigued, I ran a search on google. [I don’t recall doing this the last time I read this book, so makes me think that it must have been a time long long ago before Google!]

The Common Denominator of Success by E Gray is perhaps a motivator for S. Covey. I tend to think a lot of what S. Covey had written in his book is captured in the short essay by Gray. It is very convuluted and difficult to read and assimilate but points to a simplest reasons for success.

Habit is so powerful that it morphs into our character when we have done it long enough. Habit is not only external physical habits but also the mental thoughts and responses to external stimuli. Every thing good and bad about every individual is an acquired habit. The process begins by acknowledging them and making conscious efforts to address them until it becomes subsconscious at which point we already own it as a part of our character. Most important of all, ensure that every habit is aligned with a purpose, an emotional and sentimental purpose for life.

How good to be back home.

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

I had earlier written without much contemplation ‘…its good to be back home…’ and I later remembered this from T.S.Eliot…

“We must not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know the place for the first time”

Ah…true, there seems to be some profoundness in it, I felt I got a glimpse of it. My sense is that Eliot had written this from a self exploration perspective “seek outside to find yourself only in the end to know you self inside…”. I think it also interestingly applies to material explorations…


Monday, January 2nd, 2006

It feels good to be back home even if it means taking a bite or two from the US immigrations officer 🙂 After that bite, when we pass thru the US Customs, one thing that I proudly sneaked in undetected was my deep nose-waterning cold from paris!

There is lot to say and even more to be reminescnet of a week well spent away from internet, cell phones, cooking, work, commute, traffic and books! New year under the eiffel tower was less extravagant than we had expected. Neverthless, to hang out amongst a few thousands people in this great city under the lits of the tower exchanging “BONNES” (Happy New Year in French pronounced ‘bownaney’) is a unique experience.

Wishing you all a very very happy, prosperous and healthy year(s) ahead.