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Playing with my Voice

Tuesday, January 28th, 2003

I love singing, though I am not trained on any kind of singing. I have always been a vivid listner of music, especially tamil movie songs and specifically, SPB. A great fan of him and more than a few people have mentioned I tried to imitate him, though I try not to. I couldnt help it. My mother was(and is) a balavihar teacher and a good singer herself. I have grown up listening to her and also listening to some bajhans from Chinamaya missions and others. Those days have been my learning platform. I spent some time singing at my collge orchestra, but it was limited to performances within our college.

It has been my dream to learn carnatic music. The time and place has not been on my side ever since I had that dream. Another wish of mine has been to re-record Ganataranga and Bhajan Mala again. They both are two great bhajan performances that I still cherish.

Harini is also a good singer, but she is more into Hindi songs. We havent tried recordning anything together yet. Soon I am planning to.

I have been reading a lot about amateur music composers ( Indians ), based out of US. They have been doing a good job and one of them, Srikkath, Studio1234, is close to a Pro. I am hoping to meet one of them and try to record on my songs on a real recording studio. I am looking forward to see one first!

The following are some of my amateur solo vocal recordings. I prefer melodious tunes and I try to render in my own style. I used CoolEdit 2000 for some. Some I recorded directly on the Windows Sound Recorder.

The sound quality and lyrics may be awful and some of them recorded in Mono, I didnt realize it.

Your Critics, new ideas and comments will be greatly appreciated. I am trying to improve with every song I sing, on and off the bathroom!

Varavendum…This is a devotional song that I have been singing since childhood

Uyire Unakkaga…This has been close to my heart for a long time and I really feel it. I added an a lite ehco… any good?

Karpoora Bommai…This has been in the top, of list of songs I like the most…I goofed up a bit in the first charanam.

Nila Kaygiradhu…I know this has too much echo on it. This is one of my first recordings using cooledit and I just overwrote the original piece with the over echoed one.

Nalladhor Veenai.

Kannamuchi Enada…I just wanted to try this one, I know I screwed a bit on the lyrics… it sounds good to me…hope it does to others too!