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Meeting the education problem head-on

Friday, October 31st, 2008

This coversations network podcast speech by Wendy Kopp is inspiring. This is yet another proof that all great things start with a moment of thought. An undergraduate thesis idea is becoming a national movement that is on a march to change the face of American education. Teach of America, the brain child of Wendy, is already a powerful movement impacting many American schools. At least, 10% of graduating college students sign up with Teach for America (ToA) to volunteer their first two years after college to teach in under-privileged schools. With ToA Alumini now at influential government and private positions, Wendy believes the large-scale impact is just beginning! Though it started off as a dent in the educational inequality issue, scaling this program each year is now a key aspect of realizing nationwide, systemic and lasting impact.

Listen to her talk for more : http://sic.conversationsnetwork.org/shows/detail3646.html

In India

Friday, October 17th, 2008

We landed in Chennai earlier today. Its humid but not too hot and apparently been raining heavily but not today! The Jet Airways experience was more than what we had expected and their entertainment and service were well worth the price. Even better was the off-season timing so the flights were not as packed as it could have been so many folks got to sleep in economy just as they would in business class. Flying with Rishi went ok and once landed, he is taken over by family *grandparents. So until we leave, there won’t much debate on who will pick him up when he is cranky. But then, after we return, we have would have to start all over again!

Flipping through the TV this afternoon made me wonder about how the media is growing so heavily here. Man, there is more channels than any sane person could ever ask for. Was wondering who consumes all of this but seems this Lintas Media report indicates more channels to come.

Its an odd feeling every time I visit India : I don’t belong here, yet some of me wants or feels like it does.

Tighten your laces these days

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

I was dusting up some of my very old books and stmbled upon a philosophy book (one of my favorites) and flipped through it and saw i had the following underlined.

“blaming any exterior conditions in our lives as the culprit behind our feeling tied down or captive or helpless is like getting angry at our shoes for being laced too tight”

If only that was as easy as loosening up the lace…