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Cut open a coconut

Saturday, March 11th, 2006

Millions of raw coconuts are consumed all over the globe everyday. There’s got to be a consistent repeatable process-oriented way to cut open ( note not break open!) a coconut, isn’t it?


This Wikihow article, Cut Open a Coconut, points to one such sure-fire way, in 7 easy steps, with5 handy tools and about 10 or so tips, all to ensure that a coconut is treated the way it should be!

btw, wikiHow is a good on-line community to collaboratively create and edit how-to guides about virtually anything humanely possible. My favorites : How to Annoy people, Get Other Guys to Stop Staring at Your Pretty Wife and Get Other Guys to Stop Staring at Your Very Pretty Wife!

No kidding, the site has some excellent, useful guides that anyone can find use for. Check it out or better yet, contribute.