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Practice is getting out of the way of your Intention

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Intention to Manifestation (Tibetan Calligraphy) Tashimannox.com

If we want to know the true meaning of intention and manifestation, look no further than ourselves. These two words are common only in the spiritual circle, so not many care to think about it. If we really understand what it is, It indeed is a powerful phenomenon to experience. Let’s try and understand it.

When someone throws a soft ball at us, do we catch it? Of course. Wouldn’t we catch it 8 or 9 or 10 out of 10 times? Each time we catch it, we are demonstrating the power of intention and manifestation. If we think about it, we don’t give special instructions to our hands or body to catch the ball;  Do you? We don’t really work to catch the ball;  We simply place an intent that we want to catch the ball and our body manifests that intention by catching the ball. We do act on the intention by letting our body react but we don’t force anything. In fact, the more we think about it (we are attached to the outcome), the chances are we will miss the catch. When unruffled action follows intention, the result will be close to perfect.

Wayne Dyer would say the same law of intention at work in everything that happens – things we see and that we don’t. When an ice skater makes a triple spin and lands perfectly on the ice, all she does is intends, and lets the action of spin and landing happen by itself, without any conscious effort. Make no mistake – hours and hours of practice is needed for such acts. What we don’t realize is that all the time and pain we put into practice is to elevate us to a spot where we don’t think about the action anymore.

Give that last statement another moment of reflection. When we reach that level of skill, intention to manifestation is a simple, straight transition. We can’t even explain, it just happens.

Can you explain how you are actually able to ride a bicycle? I don’t think so, we can only show it. Did we magically ride a bicycle one fine morning? No! not without striving for days and if lucky, got away with few bruises. In the end, when we zip around the cycle, sometimes hands free, we absolutely do not spend even a single micro second thinking about it. We intend and we are on our way enjoying the ride.

I am sure you have seen musicians perform. The pianist or flutist simply plays. Their musical intentions just merely flow through their body and all we hear is great music. In those moments, the person playing is simply another instrument for the manifestation of universal power of intention.

I am a student of classical Hindustani vocal music and every time I work on a particular song or rendition, I labor for hours, sometimes weeks or even months. And then one day, I simply get it. It is no more labor, I just think for a second what I want to sing, and there it comes. As I sing, I am able to observe myself with amazement that all I am doing is letting go of my effort and the need to try. I see I have reached the level to just surrender to the intention of singing and I just sing. Or, something sings, all I do is let it all happen.

The next time you work hard on something, be aware that all you are trying to do is learning to surrender, to get out of the intention so the result simply happens. That awareness in itself will get you one step closer to whatever you are working towards.