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Dichotomy of New Jersey

Friday, September 17th, 2010

As a resident of Jersey, I admire the issue of wealth gap that’s not so obvious to many people who live here. Wikipedia states New Jersey is one of the wealthiest states in the United States of America, yet, data published today indicates New Jersey’s poverty rate fell below the national average, with 9.3 percent of residents living under the poverty line. Anyone familiar with the state knows Camden and Newark are notoriously poor even though Cory Booker (whose saga I have admire) is doing his best to revive.

The report goes on to say this

A record-breaking total of 43.6 million people were living in poverty across the United States in 2009. The figure is the highest in 51 years of poverty data collection.

You know, the United States goes all the way out to save countries from across the globe yet nothing is really being done to save the poorest right here. I am not advocating for a socialist nation but I am advocating for what Aristotle might have called Capitalism in moderation. I love this country for what it has done for millions and millions of humans, both here and across the world. I owe my own personal success to this country. However, we must admit we are failing on poorest of our own people here, their children and their generations.