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Its just timing! Stupid!

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Dear Rahman,

you just made hell lot of Indians proud! You bumped the morale of an entire country thats still wondering what its really worth!

But…I have to agree with ubiquitense, Rahman didn’t really need an Oscar, everyone one else wanted it, for him!

The timing of the movie and the vibe of the music couldn’t have hit the American ear at a better time…its just a great year (read economy, layoffs) for a rags to riches story. Any other year, this movie wouldn’t have seen a daylight and just made it straight to DVD, as apparently planned! However, one thing that Rahman highlights is “Karmanye Vaadi kaarastey, Maa Faleshu kadaachana!”“When you work in the right consciousness, when your work becomes organically a part of your whole self, and when you do your work out of that commitment, no matter what other people do, no matter what the compensation may be, do it for the health of your own soul, then you open the door by which the affluence of the Universe flows forth into your life.”

I am just proud of you from the bottom of my heart pal! Keep doing what you are doing, this is just a glorious journey, with no beginning or end…Jai Ho!