[ To Express, To Reflect, To Give Back ]

Off to sunny state

just got a few minutes left over from thsi hectic weekend. We visited a neighbour on saturday night who had invited us for Navarathri Kolu. We had a chance to get to know a few of the indians around this community. Today, we spent all morning at the Hindu temple helping out the Ahobila Mutt folks with Dolotsavam.

As a sweet surprise, I met a very old friend of mine Srihari. he and I started working together at L-Cube chennai right after college and we were roommate for a year. He hasnt changed a bit, he was a veera vaishanavan then insisting on doing his daily poojas not giving a damn about the fun we make. He used to recite vishnu sahasra namah from 5-7Am, while we, the other roomates were all in our wonder lands dreaming about kate winslet ( we must have been to Titatic the previous night!). And then all of us will be off to L-Cube at 9 AM and start coding in VC++!

This afternoon we had a surprise baby shower for another good friend of ours Archita and Neel. Again we had a wonderful oppurtunity to meet with few other folks around this area. Our social network is building up fast 🙂

Back just a few hours ago, packing stuff up for my early morning flight to tampa for a work related conference and harin to catch a bus to Cornell at Ithaca to spend a couple of days with our cousin Susi, who used to be one of our early dedicated readers!. Until then…

On Road, Long Weekend

yeah, we spent about 19 hours in all on road during this weekend. Its not surprising as memorial day weekend being the most travelled one. Though we spent just a day at Ganesh’s place, we had a very good time. We have known each other since school days so there was always something to talk about and laugh at. Ganesh’s baby, Sruthi, is very tiny and sweet. check out his blog at http://vplganesh.blogspot.com

On saturday night, we played Risk, a interesting war (board) game. We enjoyed it totally, with all of us joining hands to root out Ganesh and the huge army had had built out. It was real entertaining and engaging that Susi wanted to buy that game immediately.

Driving back yesterday we were accompanied all the way by God Varuna.(Rain and Thunder Storm). Another 7-5 drive passing by a few crashes.

A Intense Article on Environmental Concerns

I know susi, one (and the only!) of our vivid visitors, will find it very interesting and provoking http://www.shift.com/content/9.3/71/1.html. Its a good read, though its a bit lenghty. For the rest of us, it could throw some light on things we dont care. This article won the Canadian National Award.

A Drive Across Brooklyn Bridge

We had another good weekend. Susi came over from ithaca, NY. She was visibly happy and excited to get a break from her usual routine at cornell. We visited Balaji Temple at Bridgewater. As always on a saturday night, it was flooded. There was a group of non-indian visitors, possibly from a community group, curiously stopping at every idol-house and astonished at the rituals, bhajans, dressings, jewellery etc. A japanese turned over to me, as we were doing a pradhakshanam ( a walk around an idol-house ) and asked me, why everyone is standing patiently in a line, to touch the brass bell hanging from the top, to make that sound (it sometimes is annoying when nobody around expects it). I was very happy to explain to him the reason, which i read incidentally, from one of this little books, that came as a gift to our wedding, from Swamini Vimalananda of Chinamay Mission, Coimbatore. The book explained the reasons behind some of these procedures that we do at home and in temples and at time on streets ( slashed pooshnikkai ! ).

The reason for using the brass bell in Hindu temples is to block and arrest those other unwanted noises coming from elsewhere. This more often happens during aradhana of the diety, when holy vedic hymns are recited. It also helps to grab everyone’s attention towards the diety and force them to listen to hymns instead of talking.

On our drive back home, susi mentioned that she wanted to see brookly bridge. I said no big deal. We drove straight into holland tunnel ( we live just off the entrance to holland tunnel ) and across manhattan and into the bridge. We didnt realize we were in manhattan bridge, until i looked over to see brooklyn bridge to my right. We took a short trip into brookly and turned around and this time I made sure we drove into Brooklyn bridge. Susi was happy. It seems she had a poster of the bridge in her bedroom and had always wanted to see it.

The rest of the weekend went pretty quick and here I am on this monday morning meeting spree. Got to go for next one, bye

History of Sudhar.com in the making

I have been spending the last two days in writing the history of sudhar.com. I have no idea who would be interested in it. Its getting longer than I had expected, partly because I might give more details than required in some cases. The biography ( if i can call it so! ) will be released tomorrow ( hopefully if i dont get too much excited to write even more! ).

I am also running out of disk space in my little primitve PC that runs this site. I still dont know whats the way out, guess have to call prasanna for rescue.

I might go to Toronto, Canada for a week around 20th Feb on an official trip. Harini will sure accompany me. Great plans ahead, Detroit, Canada, Susi visit, Chicago and what else?

We both have also put on a little bit of weight! Inspite of our efforts to cut down on rice, I think the mother nature is playing her cards against us. A serious emergency plan has been worked out ( to workout ).

Harini is little disappointed that Birthdays only last 24 hours!

Good Night!

Our Family

We were a typical Indian Middle class family, back in 1980s, when we grew up in Gandhipuram, Coimbatore, with my dad struggling to meet both ends, my mom helping him as much as she can, with all three of us kids, never bothering a bit about it. But for all of us three, for what we are today, its all because of our parents. We owe everybit of our life to them. I really thank God for getting me into such a nice family.

My Mother. – Vijaya K
She is a nice lady, perfectly managing the family and her social activities. We would have been nowhere without her. Thanks Mom, for all your caring and love. I miss you very much. She is a serious Chinmaya Mission member of Chinmaya Mission, Coimbatore, India.

My Father. – Krishnamachary S
He has been our real motivation and support all through our life. All through his life, he has only thought about his children and family. No other person would have been better than him. you are great dad. He works for SRVS, Kumbakonam. He has shuttle between coimbatore and kumbakonam every month to be with his family…poor man. He only knows how much pain it is.

My Sister. Krithika K
She is real cool. She is enjoying her PG college life. she is doing her MBA @ Amritha Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. She is also doing her ICWA. Unbelievably, for the amount of time she spends on TV and other things, She consistently Tops the class. Watches all the movies and listens to all latest music and gives me suggestions for the movies that I should look for here. Best, she loves our bruno so much and takes care of it like anything.

My Brother. Sridhar K
He is a terrific guy. He is a “Good Bad Ugly”, all in one guy. He is a Civil Engineer by profession. He has a very good reputation for his excellent and quality work. He is interested in spiritual activities. Reads a lot of self improvement books, latest being “The Seven Habits of the Executive People”. The only problem is, being so close to our bruno, unfortunately he has inherited some qualities from him !!!. He is aspiring to find his dream job in a HiTech Construction firms like Reliance, L&T etc. We want him to start his own business, but somehow he is not convinced. He managed to do a great job in recent interview for a job in kuwait, but unfortunately didnt work out in the third round.

Our Pet. Bruno
We lost our (original) bruno in 2001 ago. It was a terrible moment for us. He was another member of our family and it was hard to get over it. He was Bruno only to us, for others he was a monster. We wonder why he was always so ferocious, but anyway its better. Poor bruno, goes down like anything infront of krithi and sridhar. He knows its better to keep mum, than to get a big slap from sridhar. We all loved him so much. Dogs are really adorable, isn’t it ?.
A new comer is in now, with the same NAME!!!

Myself. Sudharshan K
I am the eldest of the three. I live and work in Detroit, MI, USA and miss all of them. You can read more about me elsewhere in About Me Sections and also know me more if you read my scrabbles on my dairy

My Beloved Wife, Harini
She is the latest addition to our family. We got married in Nov 6, 2003. She is very energetic, bubbling, carefree, creative and funny. She is really in crafts and specifically, making soft toys. She has already got a collection of two cute softies, a black monkey and a white puppy. They are very sweet and you can find them hanging on the walls or windows or bed or anywhere she thinks they should be on any given moment!. She is also into knitting. She has made a muffler for me. She is also making a few head bands(ear bands) to susi. She likes cooking and baking. She makes great north indian dishes and has tried her hands in making cakes and cookies. She is enjoying her time in our small river front apartment on hudson river, in jersey city, NJ overlooking Manhattan.