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How about prepaid gas as a consumer service?

Remember Chrysler’s “Let’s Refuel America” program from a couple of months ago? GM new strategy to attract new buyers was tapping into the current gas price sentiment well. I remember thinking what if this “lock the gas price” was available to all consumers?

Thats exactly what is getting a lot of traction now!!!

MyGallons.com offers prepaid gas for everyone essentially locking the price at market rate for as much gallons as you can buy. The concept is bound to get sign ups as the prices move north by a few cents every week. The service is enabled via a debit that is apparently accepted at 95% of gas stations across the US. If predictions are right, we might see $7 a gallon soon (may seem ridiculous but I would have given the same look a decade ago if someone had said gas would be $4 a gallon, when it was around 80 cents!)

But I got to think its probably not the best business to be in selling sort of gas futures in retail. The firm claims it has sophisticated hedging strategy, but we will have to wait and watch, if it survives the market pressures.

If you want to know where all the money you are shedding on your gas is going? look no further than below!

Dubai The World
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So your money is not going waste, right?

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