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Fear of Greatness

You know its the season for commencements so there is lots of speeches flying around the internet. Some OK, some good and some very good. As I was reading through Small Giants and the references to WholeFoodsMarket, I stumbled upon John Mackey’s Bentley College Commencement Speech. It is a well written one and from someone who has accomplished something very meaningful in life, I really think he nailed the key aspects of life.

The best part of the speech that hit the home run for me personally was the part about fear. I know I am fearless when it comes to certain things. I mean, I will do a bungee jump without much fear. I will also go down a black diamond trail even though I am not a good snowboarder (and fall head over butt, 20 times before I reach the base and I am still well and alive!!!).

But I do fear! I fear about myself and my potential and potential failures. Jack used the phrase “…sometimes even fear of our own potential greatness”, I got to beleive we all have the potential for greatness but we question it…(why? – thats a blog for another day)

“Fear doesn’t really exist outside the mind. We can dissolve it there as well. We will need to learn how to do this if we really want to be free in life and stay connected to your heart.” – Thank you! Jack! for that insight.

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