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Eye glasses under $30?

Yes, one of my colleagues recommended Zennioptical and I just placed an order with them for a rimless glass for about $30. If you have ordered eye glasses in any of the retail specialty stores, you should be freaking out with that $30 deal. Because, I paid $350 at Sears a couple of years ago! Actually, Zennioptical sells basic glasses for $8!!!

I couldn’t fathom how Zennioptical could sell stuff so cheap unless they have an undersea walkway to a Chinese manufacturing plant. From what I hear online and from my colleague, their quality is just perfect and at that price, I don’t care if I have to buy one every year! The buying process was painless. Of course, I will wait for mine to arrive before I say more.

This just tells me how retail prices in the US are inflated with hundreds of middle men and brands. While the economy might be flourishing in that model, is it in the best interest of the US consumer and the Chinese producer?

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