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I don’t want to look at Billboards!

“New technology has made it possible, using tiny cameras, to gather details about people looking at billboard ads, such as their age or gender” – NYTimes article, May 31, 2008 – titled “Billboards That Look Back”

This is getting ridiculous. The privacy issues are going out of control in the name of business!

I understand the need for make advertising effective. I also understand that without knowing who is “consuming” the advertising, it can’t be made much effective. But please not camera’s watching me!

As such, I am not a big fan of cable TV settop boxes collecting data about what ads we are watching. Although I have a satellite dish providing us service, they enfore we connect their settop box to the telephone line to enable them to send data back when I watch the superbowl Ad or if I was channel surfing!

Sooner or later, the data collected about us will be so intelligent that we don’t have to make any decisions ever in our life for ourselves. The data analytical systems will be so intelligent and likely accurate that we better let them say what we should do, than to think and decide for ourselves. I wonder what will be do with all the time we will then….? Watch more TV!!!

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