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dream and then follow it

I am sure everyone of us have heard of “Follow your dreams”. Most people ignore it either because they don’t dream of anything or they don’t believe their dreams are realistic (unachievable). A few people believe in their dreams and follow it and almost always “dreams come true, if only you follow it”.

Human mind has the capacity to dream beyond impossible frontiers and our brain has the capacity to realize it, but only our heart has the capacity to believe that dreams can be realized. Without true belief, nothing is ever accomplished.

Think about this for a minute: Everything around us exists because someone someday somewhere dreamed of it and followed it and made it into a reality. Someone dreamed of sending voice without wires, I wonder how many of us appreciate that dream when we take a call while driving. Someone had a dream that man can fly and I wonder how many of us appreciate that person when we board a flight. Someone dreamed of connecting computers to make them talk exchange data with each other, I wonder how many of us appreciate when we check our emails or shop at Amazon. Centuries ago, someone dreamed of a ink and paper, I wonder how many of us cherish that dream today when we hold a picture or a book. Of course, the list is endless.

I don’t mean we all should stop everything spend years just appreciating all those people and their dreams. I think all the above are the reasons that everyone must dream. Big and Beyond. Not just dream, but hold on to them tight, believe it and follow through. Are you dreaming? Are you dreaming big? really big? Do you believe in it? Do you follow through?

What if one doesn’t dream or doesn’t follow their dreams? Someone else will, for sure. After all, the only thing we bring with us when we are born is our ability to dream. This life is our only chance to follow those dreams. Many millions don’t realize it, but few million do and the world continue to be a better place to be, one dream at a time.

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

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