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Internet’s Bleeding-edge…Web 2.0

I have heard the term “bleeding-edge” being used occasionally to refer to something thats far better than “cutting-edge” which sounds better than “high-tech”. When I started working for L-Cube, programming image processing software in C++, there was a good friend and colleague of mine who was exploring a new programming language called ‘Java’. He kept insisting that it was cutting-edge technology to ‘write once, run anywhere’. Rest turned out to be history.

If there is something that is getting a lot of buzz in the internet tech industry today, its ‘Web 2.0’. I need to say nothing nor link to anything (a.k.a google it yourself!). If you work in anything related to internet tech industry and haven’t heard of “web 2.0” (and know something!) then consider yourself as staying a little bit behind the edge 🙂 But if you want to take a clear, deeper look over the edge, look no further (and save one hit at Google) than this article by Tim O’Reilly “What is Web 2.0”. A lengthy article, but you better skim it now, before some techie tosses those buzzwords on your face only to see you blink.

Oh, as for that friend who was always over the edge back in L-Cube, he quickly got a pet name, indeed, as “Java”. We still call him ‘Java’ and I still have his phone number stored in my cell phone as ‘Java’ and almost all of us forgot how his original name sounds!

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