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Intelligent design

Anyday I would recommend Economist for a serious magazine reader. Today, I was catching up with the back issues left unread because of our India trip. Usually, I skim through most articles and read in detail those the interests me. But almost without fail I read the letters to the editor, more so for the literary style than the actual message.

In July 30th edition, there was an interesting article (someone has posted a copy) on “Intelligent Design“, the opposing theory to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Whoever might have first proposed Intelligent design, but their argument is that everything in the universe and beyond, including we humans, are/were concieved, designed and created by an intelligent designer ‘up there’. A lot of us refer to that designer alternatively as ‘God’. I am no expert in Darwin’s claim or the concept of intelligent design, but I do believe in God and faithfully surrender to the ultimatum.

A lot of Darwin’s (his’ is supposed to be scientific theory while intelligent design is kind of philosophical) supporters dismiss intelligent design by questioning how one could design a system with so many flaws, pointing to thousands of known stupid “flaws” in the system. Sometimes these arguments are indeed unquestionable. One such argument showed up in the letters to the editor of the August 27th Economist and it was witty and funny. I thought I should share it and let yourself answer it based on your beliefs.

Note the author is arguing against intelligent design and presumably supports theory of evolution. “SIR – Why would an intelligent designer place fast-growing hair on adult males? is there some intelligent reason for designing men, but not women and children, to have beards? And if there is such a reason, then why do many adult males go through the trouble and expense of shaving on a daily basis? – Steven Beadle, Arroya Grande, California”

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