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Hot air balloon festival

It has been weeks since we had been to any serious outdoor event or activity. We had taken it easy especially with only 4 days left to leave for our vacation (with all the travel and visiting to do, its hardly a ‘vacation’) to India. This past weekend, we hit out groves again and went to the hot air balloon festival at Readington. It was less than 5 miles from where we live and would have been a terrible thing to have missed it being so close. We joined with two other colleagues families to enjoy the evening and it was a gorgeous view to see all the giant balloons inflate and float up in the air. Some of the balloons were based on themes such as one that was shaped as pepsi can, another as an eagle, another as honey bee and one balloon as a cute baby monkey.

With propane flames filling them, the balloons started prominently glowing up as the sun started hitting the horizon. The event was at the local airport and yet, jam packed. There would have been easily 20,000 to 30,000 people on site. Infact, it was a three day festival and fair with foods, snacks, rides and art and game shows. To add to it, they had a classic rock band, a former STYX lead singer Dennis Deyoung performing live on saturday evening. After the 7 pm ascensions, We stayed back to listen to dennis sing few of his classics and they sounded pretty good, though we haven’t heard him before. Apparently, he was a 1970s star who is now in his late 50s. but still sounded fantastic, just as Phil Collins still amazes me.

More pictures of the festival here.

I caught up with digital camera and my Gallery installation to uploaded a lot of pictures that I should have long ago.

Sruthi’s visit to NJ [Ganesh – Sruthi’s Daddy’s blog]

A visit to Macy’s Flower Show

oh and this cute little “buddy” picture I took with two sweetest toys we have. Sadly, his hair style is blacked out with the background, but trust me, he has one of the hippiest hair styles you will ever see, just like this.

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