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MTV has plans…

Started in the garage of two enthusiastic Brits, Neopets is neat KISS idea. Dont know what KISS is? Keep it simple, stupid!. An online community, or web site or portal or however the technology world wants to refer to it, for users to create and rear virtual pets. All for free. Then offer nice value added fun things and services around the core concept of virtual pets. You should check out the plethora of characters they have created for you to have your virtual pet.


If thats not enough, there are instructions to create your own cutie little chubby pets. There is also games and puzzles where you let your pets play and compete againsts other’s. Perhaps, Your time is better spent on their website exploring than me trying to explain it. With close to 60 million registered users ( should we believe? ), a pretty darn achievement indeed in innovation. For the millions of children isn’t it a fun place to be? You bet it is, and for the few million adults who stick to neopets.


Why am I talking about it? A bit silently, MTv acquired this online community becoz MTv has plans…to be an all-round global entertainer…

Here is a question to ponder. What would take an individual in India to create something like this? A vision, lot of brain and a bit of $ is all I can think of…Are we there yet?

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