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Admitted to NYU!

Tthe day has finally come, rather earlier than we were expecting. I got the official admission offer letter from NYU Sterntoday 🙂 I was holding my breath until I read the first word of the letter…’Congratulations!…’. I knew what was going to follow. Incidentally I was talking to Harini on the phone as I opened the letter and as soon as I read the first word I shouted to her “Huh! I got it!!!” She had no clue.

After all, I have been waiting for this day for the past 6 months for it has been a tough ride for the past six months to work on 2 GMATs, 2 gruelling application processes(NYU & Rutgers), 3 demanding essays, several recommendation letters, a whole lot of visits to the local bookstore and a delightful experience at the Indian consulate in manhattan to get my graduate certificates authenticated. I must also add the broken promise to not watch movies! But the fruits of the efforts have paid off and I am really excited to have come this far. It is a whole new beginning from now onwards but truly a significant turn in my life that I am hoping to make the best of it.

Quite a few people stood by me during the whole process for all of whom I send my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

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