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So simple yet so techie

[Thank God! The Satellite zoom doesn’t get any closer! Otherwise, people don’t need any more reality shows, chose among the billions of homes across the globe and peep into anyone’s for the ulitmate reality show, all live!!!]

I would think the above picture is as close as a commercial satellite could get to our house. It is interesting because someone sitting in chennai could get a spectacular ariel view of where we live and where we drive day in and day out. Isn’t that fun? Especially, broadband in India is getting close to dirt cheap and someone as savvy as my mother-in-law could be using Google Maps and Google Satellite to tell us that we can take 202 North for 2.4 miles to the A&P Food Market for a $2.49/Gallon milk instead of taking a 3.8 mile ride in 22 West to ShopRite for a $2.79/Gallon. I won’t be suprised if something like that happens (so much faith in my mother-in-law :D). I better start writing a manuscript for a book titled “Google for Indian moms with Idle Bandwidth”.

Click this link. This will open up the real-time google satellite view of our home. You can click on the map with your mouse, hold you left-mouse button and drag it left and right ! You will soon know more than we do about the place we live! Try zooming in and Zooming out. Check out manhattan just about 30 miles east of where we live. Play with it but thank Google.

You might wonder how far one could stretch a map in consumer market? Check this out before making any judgements. Remember to play with the search/filter options for city, price range and dont forget to click on the color pushpins (or as some might think : balloons! )

[Inspired by India’s launch of its own map-making satellite today!]

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