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Labour day weekend!

I know it not, but for us, this past weekend was. We still have tendon muscles all around my thighs and spinal cord sending painful singnals all over the body: We laboured to install ceramic tiles in our front porch. If you had told me last weekend that I would do this, I would have simply admired your sense of humour. Surprisingly, something in me ignited and here i am, talking about a do-it-yourself ceramic tile installation!

Harini resents how life would have been if we had been in India. But here in America, there is only two options -: find a do-it-yourself manual for literally anything: from delivering a baby at home to building a nuclear bomb! or engage obnoxiously priced contractors, again, for everything : to blow your leaves in fall to move your ass from the living room to dining!

And thats how we ripped off a 70 Square feet carpet and installed about 70 ceramic tiles. Let me tell you a secret : Go and pay a cheap damn contractors and get it done! unless, you crave for the honour of being I-can-do-anything homeowner.

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