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Kung Fu Hustle

I am sure every director wants to make spoof movies ( movies that make fun of other movies or other realities in life) but Steve Chow, the director (He also stars in the movie, guess as who? Of course, the underdog: Hero!) of Kung Fu – Hustle, brought it into a serious reality. I forced Harini and my two cousins to go and watch this movie this past saturday and consequently, they didn’t really enjoy the movie. They were less furious becoz it was a saturday night and I paid for the tickets!

[Remember Kamal in Thenali? Chow in KungFu Hustle More pictures here]

So what about the movie? Is anyone talking about it? I think it must be watched, for sure. The question is it is a classical spoof movie and there is more to it than what captures the eye! The movie makes fun of literally a thousands of things and you really have to be a movie fan to understand every sequence and every shot, but its worth it. In between the funny sequences the director has skillfully attached a lot of emotions, from love to astonishment. I think we should get a DVD, and better enjoy it patiently. I felt there was too much distraction in the movie. The worst distraction and incidently, the best part of the movie, is the serious and hongkong-fame kung-fu sequences themselves combined with some literally bone-breaking, video-game style stunt tricks. I was flabbergasted by the scene when the ‘The Beast’ holds a stun gun points a gun infront of his foreherad, fires it, then…proves what it means to be a zen of kungfu. Rajinikanth would surrender right royally infront of this scene! In all, the movie is in a comedy-action-graphics-emotions-insanity genre of its own. Another dimension of comedy is the funny names of characters in English. I wonder if it is also Chow’s creativity. A lesson to be read in the world of movie making.


Positive as my words may sound, there was literally 8 others in the theater! But, the truth must be stated : The movie is super-duper-bumper hit in Asia and is the best money maker ever in HongKong’s film History. I wouldn’t be surprised if it sneaks thru the back doors into the Academy Awards. Would you care to see it?

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