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Paying Attention in Internet Era

In the Middle Ages,people were willing to walk from Stockholm to Munich to meet somebody who had something important to say. They listened and thought seriously about what they heard. Today, communication is instantaneous. I’m afraid after a while we may not pay much attention to it. The gates of attention allow very few things to come in. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Creativity and Education Guru.

I know I was suffering from some chronic information overload disorder!, just didnt know it is ADT ( and not ADD! ). Don’t be alarmed yet! Read this interesting interview in CNET with Dr. Edward Hallowell.

Things from the interview that caught my attention:

But never before have we so routinely been able to overload brain labor.

You need to set limits and preserve time to think. …we are not giving ourselves that opportunity. What your brain is best equipped to do is to think, to analyze, to dissect and create. And if you’re simply responding to bits of stimulation, you won’t ever go deep

And the final touch from Dr.Edward : How you allocate your time and your attention is crucial. What you pay attention to and for how long really makes a difference. If you’re just paying attention to trivial e-mails for the majority of your time, you’re wasting time and mental energy. It’s the great seduction of the information age. You can create the illusion of doing work and of being productive and creative when you’re not. You’re just treading water

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