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Who is Peggy Noonan?

[via ScriptingNews] I had no clue until her name and her recent essay on blogs “The Blogs Must Be Crazy“, in comparison to MSM (main-stream media), is being touted all over the blogosphere. ScriptingNews’ Dave Winer [a widely read blogger] reckons that we should “savor every word” of Noonan’s writeup. I did. And found some interesting observations.

“In the old days a lot of interesting information fell off the editing desk in this way. Now it doesn’t. This is a public service.” – Absolutely. You name anything. There is a blog out there. If you find there is none, it’s a blessing. Go start one!

I applaud her intellectual commerce perspective. She says That you get [Blogs] free doesn’t mean commerce isn’t involved, for it is. It is intellectual commerce. Bloggers give you information and point of view. In return you give them your attention and intellectual energy. They gain influence by drawing your eyes; you gain information by lending your eyes. They become well-known and influential; you become entertained or informed. They get something from it and so do you. Sounds simple isnt it? Well, thats prophecy for you!.

While on the topic I should mention about the Tom Reynolds and his blog, “Random Acts of Reality“. He blogs from somewhere in london about the nuances of being a emergency ambulance serviceman. His writings must have made sense for he is already invited by BBC Radio for interviews and to share thoughts on why/how blogs affect MSM. You might wonder if London Ambulance Service doesnt care about Tom writing about the wrong things in L.A.S between the lines; If only Tom was Tom at work. He writes anonymously!

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