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Think about this

Shai Agassi is probably one of the youngest to be in top executive positions in the IT industry today. I couldnt find his exact age but from various references I am guessing he is 37. He is an executive board member at SAP.

I was reading a bit about this guy and landed up in this interview in an Indian magazine. Because of a strange syndrome I have, I generally spend a few minutes at the top of the page and automatically run down the end for no reason! (Without the syndrome, halfway into this, I would have jumped to reading something else!) Here I found the following answer to a seemingly regular question:

An example here would be a small company in Europe, in the consumer electronics industry, working on a reverse process on how they build a product. Instead of working on what the customers want to buy, then aggregating their designs, procuring and supplying that…, they went to their suppliers first and asked them: “What do you have that’s cheap today?” and took all the items that were cheap… and ran them through a workflow, planning and optimisation engine, and created a virtual product. They put the virtual product on a virtual auction and went to their distributors. Whatever (product) the distributors bought, they built… (it). And took away all the other components off the auction floor. With this approach they just used their existing engine. It’s not that they invented any new engine or new components. They just composed it in a new way. And took 20% of the market share with 1% of the employees of the market leader.

I dont know who he is talking about, but the idea itself felt like a big blow to my conventional approach to business and making money in that process. Think about it.

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