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SUN TV – Glimpses into a disgruntled viewer’s mind!

It is an unsurprising conincidence that srikanth wrote about Sun Tv’s dumb quiz today since I had something similar to write about in mind.

First, I am outraged as to why they dropped yesterday’s, “Chidambara Ragasiyam” the only series I watch. I make sure I dont go to Sun Tv even by mistake on another time slot. I switched around 9.30 to Sun Tv and noticed a really funny thing.

Did you ever notice how the Sun news readers try to casually talk to each other just before they start reading the real news? While the camera zooms from behind giving a full view of the studio? I understand they are trying to mimic the CNNs and BBCs but for God sake, it doesnt seem even a bit real. It is comical and obvious that they are acting something out infront of the camera. To add to that, the lady is totally unsynchroized never seem to be listening to what the guy was saying ( as if he was saying anything meaningful ). This reminded me of the videographer roaming around the marriage hall, asking everyone to talk something while he shoots, so he could make it look like real. But it never does. Is there one person at Sun Tv who cares about originality? I can bet anything against that.

After execusing that, I patiently waited for the News to complete for my Chidambara Ragasiyam to start. Holy Shit, I saw a still that said “Red, movie continues”. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Dont worry, I didnt let that happen. I made sure I didnt even glimpse one scene from that movie. We went on to watch “Manmadhan”, which was worth it. Thanks for that guy who invented “Remote” otherwise I would have walked few steps to change channel and must have seen a scene from “Red”. Oh! that would have been a horrible curse I wont be able to get rid off in a million rebirths. Thank God.

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