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Peace in the the New Year

As 2005 dawned, it will be the heaviest ever new year eve in terms of the sadness people carry in their hearts after the disaster in the the indian sub- continent. Marked by heartfelt prayers for the victims, we welcome 2005 with a hope for peace in the world. Lets peace rule the world saving from man-made and unfortunate natural disasters.

We had planned almost a month ago that we will celebrate the new year at Times Square. Ever since I heard of the disaster I had almost forgotten about the new year much less its excitement. After hours of dilemma the day before we decided to go. It may hurt a lot of a people who might think it is a sin to “celebrate” amidst the misery of millions. But I believed it was the best way for me to cope with the sadness and welcome 2005 with prayers.

A million people gathered in Timesquare symbolizing goodwill, unity and hope. Nothing but peace. There were a lot of people from south asian origin ( specifically from srilanka) carrying banners around requesting everyone to donate. Exactly at 8.15 pm there was a two minute silence tribute for the victims of the tsunami. A million people whole-heartedly prayed for the lost souls and I was glad that they planned to do that small thing amidst the frenzy.

It was absolutely food and alchohol free (infact no bathrooms either == torture!) as the noisy crowd witnessed the spectacular ball drop and the fireworks that accomponied it. It is a once in a life time occasion and I doubt if we will endure another 11 hour standing to witness a new year.

I wish the tsunami never happened. It is an unfortunate reality that rest of the world can only merely watch 150,000 fellow humans being washed and crushed away by a calamity ( “Pralayam” as pointed out by Srikanth ) only to move on hoping that another new year brings more peace.

Again, for those who might be offended by our act of being there in TimesSquare, I reaffirm again that my heart and soul is still crying for those dead and we felt in our right mind, it was not a worst thing to do, to join hands with million others emphasizing peace, unity and hope.

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