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Life after the Blizzard

The entire New Jersey was in a state of emergency. “People should stay home, no driving”. Thanks to the uninterrupted power supply a lot of us are alive today!

The scene around looks like a christmas fairy tale location. The blistering storm is still out there and scares us at times with its ghostly roar around the windows and doors. Snow ploughs and cleaners are still cleaning up streets and highways, but I am guess they are fighting a losing battle. It will be days before the state gets back to normal. The snow gets dirty and ugly in a day or two wont be a pleasure looking at. Through the glass all this looks exotic until you realize that mondays arent meant to head out! Real life begins 7am tomorrow. (rather 6.30 for me since i have to clean up the drive way before i can pull out)

We went out this morning to experience the effect.

[Fun begins early tomorrow getting this poor thing out!]

[You cant give a face like that and still play in snow!]

[There must be other ways to measure the snow fall!]

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