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Helpings hands from all around

Its heartening to see help and aid coming in from all over the place.

Just got an email note from our CEO at MetLife that MetLife foundation is donating one million $ to the relief efforts.

Also on another email note this morning from the AID Princeton yahoo group, I learnt that AID has assembled more than one million $ within a week from individual donors around the world.

I also saw a basket in our coffee room here in the Liberty Corner office of MetLife, pleading for donations in any form for the victims of tsunami. This is being supported from helplanka.org.

Shopping in the Oak tree road at the indian grocery stores this past sunday, I noticed a collection box at the end of every billing counter accepting donations. Cents & Dime changes and dollar bills will certainly make a difference at the end of the day.

When we visted the Hindu Temple at the bridgewater on sunday, I read signs allmost all around the temple, requesting for donation for the victims.

While no amount of aid or relief can equal the loss, it gives a sense of unity and humanitarianism to see everyone around doing whatever they can on their part to help.

Long Live the human spirit of compassion and love.

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