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Forecast for India’s future

The American National Intelligence Council reports, by 2020, they envision “a world profoundly changed” by rising powers, India and China.

Rising Powers: The Changing Geopolitical Landscape

However, Its not surprising to see China and the madly chasing India, mentioned all over this report. The political and economic community has been blowing this trumpet for a while now and the council is pehaps the last to scream before everyone wakes up to the reality.

Interesting to note in the report ( I only read the above linked section, the entire report is here) are the strengths of the two nations and their challenges. Skimming through it we learn that India is significantly better than China interms of demographic, economic and political “prospects”. Yet, the report consistently and more firmly cites China as the future “super power” perhaps owing to its current status when compared to India.

This one-0n-one comparison between India and China though seem to staple India squarely at the top, lists few challenges (mentioned without emphasis) need Indians’ desperate attention in the next 20 years: Alleviating poverty, Empowering the rural mass, Nullifying bureaucracy, Upholding the declining secularism. The comparison ends with the perhaps best expectation for India “fastest-growing economy” still not the coveted “super power”.

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