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Aftermath stories

“Think of Noida without its factories or Bangalore’s computer industry in ruins. That’s what’s happened here”,a relief worker explains in BBC for those who may not understand the economic impact of the tsunami. Most of the souther coastline of India has lost its primary livelihood. No boats, no fisherman and ultimately no motivation and hope, in a near future to get back to life.

Balaji Sampath of AID India, is out there, leading with a vision for the relief and rehabilitation of the affected people/communities/economy.

An excert from his Jan 1st yahoo group email to AID volunteers.

Structure of the Relief Effort in TN

(1) Immediate Relief : dead body and debris removal, food, clothing, blankets, temporary shelter, medicines and health camps for emergencies and epidemics

(2) Second Level Relief : Construction of huts and houses and health needs

(3) Third Level Relief : Livelihood needs for the families affected forming cooperatives and providing livelihood support like boats, nets etc.

Amidst reports of sexual abuses in relief camps and kidnapping of orphans and the ridiculous fish virus rumours, Today’s Hindu Chennai Metro Plus ‘…a wave of compassion’, presents a appreciative picture of the relief efforts and encouraging those other millions volunteering directly or indirectly to help.

Amit Verma
also gives a first hand report of the good and bad things happening around the coastline. One person, Rajendra Ratnoo, a sub-collector around the cuddalore area is being appreciated for his sensible leadership and execution.

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