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Abdul Kalam speech

I recommend everyone to spend a few minutes and read Dr.Abdul Kalam’s address to the India on the eve of Jan 26th 2005, Republic Day.

India is an extremely complicated and idiosyncratic society intertwined with every conceivable aspect of past and modern civilizations. Yet, the Country stands gloriously challenging every dismissal. At the turn of the past millenium(1000AD), India was one amongst the developed and civilized of the societies (Egyptians and Chinese were equally civilized). The west was, for all practical purposes, barbaric. Perhaps, 2000 AD marks the beginning of another transformation. It may not be by 2020, may not even be by 2050, but it will be sooner than much later. India, along with China, is staging a turn-around and thanks to 1000 years of “western renaissance”, Mother Earth has seen enough fun on one half of the globe; Its time for the other half to have a smile, to start with.

Kalam suggests ( rather being a President, he should be able to effect what he suggests, isnt it? ) The education system should build entrepreneurial and vocational capacities in students. …impart the spirit that “we can do it”.. I add that (I have said this before and I will keep saying/doing it) our education system and our traditions must also impart risk taking, creativity and innovation.

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