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Avaiz arts

Avaiz, whose blog i read, is also an excellent digital artist[under Weird Work Studios©]. I recently visited his blog and saw this nice piece of work. Though he doesnt seem to do this often, these two pieces speaks for themselves for a talented amateur digitist.

avaiz art work
[© Weird Work Studios : a4avaiz. I scaled it down to 768×576, Click on the image for a fullsize view]

I was also very much impressed with couple of his earlier creations like this:

[© Weird Work Studios : a4avaiz]

I remember being inspired by this work, I created a custom cap for myself like this:

my india cap

Since Harini and I have our own kind of interests in art works, I threw a question at Avaiz asking him about the software tools he uses to create such nice pieces of art. He commented back on my blog. I figured I would post it here within the right context for everyone’s appreciation/benefit. Thanks avaiz and with your unofficial permission, I am linking to your works 🙂

My Question : what software do you use? These are really good, I just wanted to try my hand on it. Would appreicate if you share your tools/tips.

His Answer :There are many softwares out there, its best to start off with the standard ones. Adobe is a well known name in the market. It has many cards in its industry level pack, but the card everyone loves to play with is the Photoshop one. The scope for this soft is virtually, infinite due to the parameters that comes with each setting. You can start off with this one, play around and explore for there are lots of menus and options. Much basic ones are Macromedia’s Fireworks (this one is also vcool, lets you do basic stuff, but limited in functions), Jasc Paintshop, Pixia (freeware which is challenging photoshop), GIMP and many many many more..

One of them is all you need edit images and make 2D art. If you wanna push the limit to 3d, you are luck here cause there are only a few chaps who are holding the market. One of them is AutoDesk/Discreet’s 3D Studio Max. This is one amazing piece. Do play around with it. I suggest a manual, if you want to make something awe, cause it has A MAMMOTH of setting and options, which are only visible based on where you click.

If you have crossed 3Ds max, then the next level is MAYA, which is used in these small time movie production, ads, and ofcourse kali maa serials. For drawing, like fine art, i hve tried only Adobe’s Illustrator, which is pretty good. i dont know any other softs cause i am not much of fine art..wait a minute…i am not much of any art!!!

Best of luck and time!

We have tried our hands with GIMP, which more or less is similar to Photoshop.

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