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What can Internet do for you?

No, the title is incorrect. Think, what did you do for Internet? If you are like me, wondering what we are doing in the internet economy besides watching it, as it booms, here is two more reasons for you to ponder more. These are just two examples of why we should get started now and do it instead of just dreaming it.

Live-Shot.com, may sound like a porn website, but hang in there, it isnt. It represents a latest innovation in internet. Live-shot.com offers the world-wide users a place to hunt in real time. If that sounds ridiculous, you better go and check it out. For a meager, $5.95, from the comfort of your desktop, you can control a live rifle, of course,with the help of high-speed, high-resolution camera, and hunt in a free ranging texas ranch for sheeps, antelops, hops( and much more in future) and also have them shipped to your home! Initially, I couldnt believe it was real much less legal. Until the Texas state goverment and federal goverment writes new laws to protect anything like this, it is absolutely legal and yesterday in NPR, i was told that this website and few others in such business are making hay big time.

This second one is lot more innovative and promising. eMachineShop.com is a website where you can design and order your own parts. Virtually any parts for heavyduty machinary to door knobs to tiny camera parts. Note the word design. While tons of web sites sell parts, this is perhaps the first one to offer you to design your own part right there in their website. The slick idea is not without its challenges. Its indeed great idea to offer industrial-scale design online but how could you manufacture practically anything that users could design on-the-fly online? With just few employees out a small New Jersey office, this website envisions to accompolish that by contracting to manufacturers around the world (think China). While the idea is far fetching, the business is already flourishing according to this USA Today article.

The more I read such stuff, the more the question pops up. What can I do for the internet? Miles to go before I rest…

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