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Stinking Cigar – A short film

I have been wanting to write about this short film ever since the movie was made three months ago. Today, the day of famous Hindu festival, Deepavali, perhaps was pre-destined to be day of release for this short (and sweet) film – Stinking Cigar.

Stinking Cigar is being released today for the general public. Directed by the upcoming director, Arun Vaidyanathan, and music by another talented muscian from chennai living not too far from here in the washington area, Srikanth, the movie is a visual presentation of a touchy poem. The film gives a glimpse into the mind of charming Jennifer as she defies everything to win back her mom’s love. With that introduction, I invite you all to watch the short.

stingking cigar
[Click on this poster to watch the movie with a Real Media Player. If you are on dial-up and in India, unfortunately, it might take forever to download. Sorry, we couldnt help you with that]

For those of you who might be wondering what I ( rather we, myself and harini ) have to do with this…becoz of my interests in screenplay and short films ( which is how I got to know Arun in the first place ), Arun offered us a role in making this movie. Though arun, who also lives here in the New Jersey area, christened me as assistant director of the film, we just played the small part of helping out in everything during the making of the movie. That included everything from what an assistant director would do to keep track of every frame shot to what a light boy would do. And I enjoyed thoroughly, learning from every momemt. I could write a really lengthy story about our experiences but to make it short : It was a long and tiring two days of hard work that we hope shows up in the quality of film.

On your part, You could help with ecouraging us by watching the movie and sharing the good things and most importantly, the things that need improvement. Arun or myself will be more than happy to answer your questions, which the film is certain to evoke at least a few.

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