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Blogs are redefining modern media

Its been a while since I have bragged about blogs. The last week has been pretty interesting both at work and off it. At work, I have started an internal blog, that i have been trying to introduce to our team as a knowledge sharing tool. Though it hasnt been completely welcomed and embraced yet, its being looked at with some excitement while I remain the only person to contribute to that blog. Its a pure technical blog and completely internal so unfortunately i couldnt share it here with you.

As part of my research on this initiative at work, I came across this insightful interview with Jeff Jarvis, to who some refer as ‘Blogging Media Guru’.(His profile looks impressive indeed). Infact, I should say Jeff is the one who really brags about blogs, I am no where close to it. He seems to be a true evangelist and visionary when it comes to comparing blogging and the rest of the media.

I am overjoiced by the following comments that Jeff makes in this interview. These are really future looking statements, but from watching the blogging community explode, i am fairly certain that he is right.

Whenever citizens can exercise control, they will. Today they are challenging and changing media — where bloggers now fact-check every big fellow’s ass — but tomorrow they will challenge and change politics, government, marketing, and education as well. This isn’t just a media revolution, though that’s where we are seeing the impact first. This is a chain-reaction of revolutions. It has just begun.. As more and more common people start blogging their opinions, and million others reading them to get real views (and eventually persuaded) , I think we are witnessing a making of a revolution in modern media.

The means of distribution are getting cheaper and faster: broadband will soon be part of the public infrastructure like roads. …We dont need slots on a cable network with big clearance to be seen/heard by millions; it gets there through the open media.. Thats like saying, you pay tax, you get broadband. Thats just the gateway into the open world. You dont need to beg bigname studios to make and run your own movies(iFilm, TriggerStreet, ProjectGreenLight, all free!!!), you dont need to be a big writer/columnist to be heard/read(4,686,481 blogs, 5 posts per second), you dont need to be a radio jockey to host your own music show or talk show (podcasting, Transom). Its all becoming open-for-anyone media, all at the click of few buttons from your desktop. If you are creative and have a nice way of saying it, there are dozen ways to say it clean and loud, and millions of citizens across the globe are waiting to read/see/hear/witness it.

Finally Jeff says “The big media is competing with people who are doing this for free just because they love it.”. Yep, he is referring to you and me. Dont we love it? Oh, if you arent yet blogging, please do.

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