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Hype and Ridicule


This tiny TV-B-Gone, seems like a no-big-deal gizmo has created too much noise in the internet. A tiny key-chain remote that switches off any TV. Simple is it? But why the hell is it selling like $100 Sony playstation? coz of nerds! I am pretty sure not a single soul is buying to use it with their own TVs, but Americans perhaps are so tired of TVs everywhere that they wanted to switch off every TV. Period. Imagine, hanging out silently in an airport, but turning off every TV or turning off all those 200+ big screen TVs in bestbuy all in one shot and nobody knows who did it? Its getting crazy Dude!

If thats one extreme, check out this less insane Listmania extreme from a Amazon.com user. Shiela, an “Ardent Seeker Of Oddities” has created this “Top 25 Weirdest Items You Can Purchase Through Amazon“. So much for amazon. I wonder what kind of weird things will come out such a list from eBay.

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