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Gilligan’s Island at Work

Friday was a big day in our office. It was the official halloween party day and the entire building was bustling with people constumed up in all colors. The most common theme was ‘To Scare’ but our team chose to stay bit different. A few weeks ago, I was introduced the 70s classic TV series called ‘Gilligan’s Island’.

Original Island

Soon after its first series in 1964, Gilligan’s Island had become a super-duper hit. It began as just another comedy sitcom (comedy serial) where a group of people gets stranded in a deserted island somewhere in the middle of ocean. But soon the characters in the island, the best among which is Gilligan, won the love of every American, especially young adults. I guess, they were so realistic and adorable, everyone loved them inspite of their stupid acts. I am least qualified to write any more than this about gilligan’s island, but I can say from the two episodes that I watched that it was hilarious. Hundreds of websites and fan groups still talk about the show and its unforgettable characters. Infact, TBS is running a new series called ‘The real Gilligan’s Island’, a latest flick perhaps based on the original.

All that said, our team chose to enact Gilligan’s Island for this hallween. Since there are only a 5 or 6 characters on the island, our team soon ran out of any characters for me. Even otherwise, my features arent matching anyone either. I was requested to be a Tarzan attacking the island, but i kindly denied it to avoid a no-constume role!. But things didnt go on thursday and the person whoever was supposed to be the crucial character, Gilligan, had an emergency to attend to. And so now you can guess, the great great myself was rather forced to be Gilligan on friday.

Dressing up like Gilligan was actually very straightforward. He wears a white classic sailor’s hat with a white-collar rugby jersy, a worn-out sailor’s white shoes and a kakhi pants rolled over to his knees. All is cool, except for a one. Gilligan was only 5 foot tall and to match that I have to slice the lower half of my legs! But everyone was kind enough, in the spirit to save our halloween party, agreed to have a 6 ft Gilligan. So I, coming from nowhere, became Gilligan after only knowing about him for a few days!.

Skipper and Gilligan
[The skipper of the wrecked ship smacking Gilligan ]

We rushed to a local clothing store, but the closest to a Gilligan’s sailorcap I could find a was a JLo ( Jennifer Lopez ) ladies cap with jazzy silver chains around it. With the chain removed going in friday, everyone appreciated the cap for its originality!

The crew
[The whole Gilligan’s Island crew at Met including a chimpanzee but not the two chics next to Gilligan from the original picture above 🙂 ]

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