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Anniversary Day

Bush victory yesterday has only made the mood sober and thankfully we will be away not having to repent too much for it. You never know, four years from now we may as well witness an Arabian Union (UDAS – united democratic arabian states!!!) and a unified korea with their own liras and dollars! Even if Bush has nothing else, he has all the luck in the world up in his ass. Who would have expected him to win citing moral values as central theme! Poor kerry perhaps conceeded because he figured Red Sox winning the world series is good enough for him!

On Nov 6th, we will be married for one year. In retrospect it has been a wonderful journery that we both have truly enjoyed and cherished. We only wish and pray that it will be alike in the coming years. Looking back, I dont think I have compromised or changed anything in the last year except for the time I used to have for all myself. Life now revolves around two and not one. In fact, I have only become lot more lazier than I used to be. Thanks to harini, she has been taking care of herself, the house and the ever demanding me!

To celeberate this occasion, we are leaving on a weekend vacation to a land that I recently read as the carribean island Christopher Columbus fell in love with. To impress Columbus must mean something for he was such a seasoned explorer who must have seen the best of every island in the globe.

ocean view

So we are heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico from where we will be driving east to the coastal city of Fajardo.

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