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Sudhar(.com) quoted in The Hindu!

An old friend of mine, Subha, who is a regular contributor to The Hindu, especially their Metro Plus section from Coimbatore, had recently asked me to share my perspectives on Blogging and what it means to me and others who read them. Some pieces of what I shared with her has been reported in the The Hindu.

The Zen Of Blogging – The Hindu

LazyGeek, whose blogs I read regularly, incidentally quoted this on his blogs.

Though I shared my thoughts on blogs with Subha a long while ago, I had no clue if she was going to use them for an article and that too going to be published soon. As always, I was visiting Lazygeek, and there it was. I was reading this blog and shocked to realize someone has written(rather copied?) exactly what I had written…and then i followed this link to The Hindu, from where it stuck me that there was nothing wrong. Thanks to lazygeek, i knew it sooner than later. Anyhow, something to be excited about 🙂

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