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New Body for the same Face!

You don’t have to understand what that means. But if realy want to, then…you can see some simple changes in the layout of this website. As much as I enjoyed running this website from my own house from own age old compaq deskpro server, I had to let it go. Blame Verizon DSL. They blocked me from running my own webserver from home. I hate to see such stupid business moves in this 21st century internetized world! I am running this small, my personal website from home. Hell, its not going to take down their bandwidth. Oh, I forget, they want me to pay 25 bucks more for that service.

So this brand new body for the same face sudhar.com is now running from TotalWebHosting(I got all of this for 5 bucks a month!). In that process, I gave up MovableType which was my original publishing system. I moved over to WordPress, a new more simple to use publishing system. You might not notice any major differences, but I did. It took me a whole 10 minutes to completely set it up AND import all my old entries from MovableType. So I am thrilled. It also takes up less space on the server, so long live open source community, I am able to save time and space. Sorry to let you go, MT. I loved you until today.

I am making a lot of setup as I type this. I still have updated the links on the right side. If you see them now, I probably have completed the set up. I need to set up Harini blog and import her entries too. Its going to be a not too long day today before I am done.

My blogging got a surprise recommendation from Hindu? Will update in the next post! Until then, let me do some geek work here!

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