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Fall peaks, Winter sneaks!

we wish we were out somewhere in new england for a visual retreat of fall colors. But nope, here I am, going nowhere. The winter cold has already beaten up the fall season. New Jersey is not a great place to see some eyecatching foilage but very interestingly though, two trees, on either side right infront of our house, has peaked out so impeccably. This has added a subtle charm to our circle with everyone eyeing our two trees against the backdrop of more blunt green ones. [Our community consists of circles of houses with about 25 houses per circle.]. We should perhaps capture it for I am not sure if it will happen so often.

fall colors

The days are getting shorter and nights are longer [This is simple reason for the change in colors of leaves…not enough Chlorophyl?). Nights have been bearable so far, but as November starts, we will start refferring to it as ‘Freezing’. For those who havent been thru this, it might look exotic. But believe me, Hot Hot Summer is by far better than Freezing Winter. Ask anyone who has stayed inside the heated car longer than she should on a winter night. Perhaps, New Jersey isnt that bad, but Michigan, where I lived for almost 5 years, gets worst. Practically, outdoor life shuts down for about 5-6 months, something commonly referred to as hibernation. This is when the private gyms lower their prices begging for customers, while movie rentals and beer sales go up!

I used to get carried during my early years in america by winter & snow. Most of what we get in this part of the country will infact be ice, go to Colorado for real and original flaky powdery snow. To enjoy a classic winter, hit the mile high city of Denver where you can visit some of world-renowned winter resorts. Snow on the roads melts down the very next morning leaving no trace of an overnight snow fall [not sure how, but its true).

So as winter sneaks, something I am looking forward to is my snowboarding season! There is not a whole lot of skiiing areas out here, but between PA and NY, there is a handful of good resorts that we could go to. I remember early this year in Jan or feb, how I forced harini to taking lessons on snowboarding. But I try not to remember the next few weeks that she was cursing me with her pain 🙂

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