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Enjoying the sparking sunshine

At the coast of the tampa bay in the city of clearwater and in the sand key beaches, I am enjoying the sparkling florida sun and the crystal clear blues of the atlantic ocean. Its such a big difference to have driven to the newark airport with a winter jackets and gloves on and then enjoying the waters here with beach shorts and sandals. The past day and half has been terrific with lots of fun activities, the best of which is the surprise pirate cruise last night. With lots of beers, drinks, food and beaten up music, I enjoyed it thoroughly. We had our pirate eye caps and gold and sliver jewellery ( of course fake! ) around our shoulders ( and drunk 🙂 ), dancing out of rythm for every rock, can you imagine the noise and imbalance in the ship.

Today, we are heading out to the water ski and some fun sports on the beach, see you soon 🙂

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