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Going offline for a fortnight

This tiny place of mine(us) on the web(sudhar.com) is going to go offline (not available!) for about two weeks as we move from our lively jersey city skyline apartment to a more static bridgewater townhouse. I am also experimenting with DSL at the new place and it will be interesting to see if I am still able to run the site from the bedside! So until this comes back alive please hang in there.

I cannot believe its been a year since we moved into this house. We enjoyed every bit of our downtown life though looking back at it we feel we could have done even better. There is still so many things we never cared to do while we were here. There is a bunch of nice restaurants in the water front area here that we never cared to visit. But we dont miss a chance to say “We should eat there sometime!” everytime we walk across these wonderful eateries. The fast paced downtown life has infact made the past year look even more shorter.

[You see the building on the left most? two identical buildings, but one on the left bit smaller. We live in the 9th floor of that building.]

We will miss the beautiful evening walks around the liberty state park. On one side you glace at the statue of liberty and on the other side the fantastic downtown new york city skyline stares at you and on the other side the jersey city skyscrapers daunt you. The biggest of them, right infront of us, the 80+ floor Chase building (guess from the picture?) stands so humongously tall at the top of the jersey city water front reminding us of 9/11. The chase building, unfortunately, remains the tallest building south of midtown on either side of the river, after the two towers went down.

[See the statue? Hard to recognize…check the closeup below.]

We will miss the always-on-time Colgate clock, standing right next to Chase tower, helping ferry commuters get a sense of the day. According to Colgate, this is the largest clock in the world!

[Closeup of Statue from Colgate Clock]

Right below the Chase tower, facing the downtown skylines is a small memorial for the twin towers. They placed a criss-crossed rusted steel beam (real) remains from the towers. Everytime we walk across it you cannot escape from the spirit of that remains touching you.

As much as we will miss all this, we are looking forward to a wonderful beginning at our new home. Within two miles from the Bridgewater Temple we are going to be in close contact with Lord Venkateshwara. Not to mention the delicious puliodharais and thayir sadhams at the temple cafeteria!

Until my old pc (running this website) comes back to life online, I am going to redirecting and possibly writing out of my account at Bloggar.com. See you all soon.

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