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Back On Time

So I am back…exactly after fortnight, as I had anticipated ! Verizon DSL took just so long to install a new service in our new house. Thats the turn around time in the 21st century for a high speed internet connection. Costs you what? Be disconnected for two weeks, because I didnt plan well in advance. I had no clue whatsoever, I thought they could do it in a couple of days, so paid the price. Consequently, my beloved Blog has to go down with me. The poor old PC from where Sudhar.com runs was put to an extended sleep for two weeks. It was a good vacation for that poor box after almost an year. So now its back up. Welcome home!

It took a full day to figure out how to configure the DSL Modem to enable me run this webserver from home. Was skeptical all through, didnt think it will work. But it did. So here I am getting back in form with my Blogs. It was tough to see the site go down for so long, not as much as being unable to write anything. After all, the site was existing for the very purpose. Good to be back.

We have moved to the bustling city of Bridgewater in central new jersey. Apparently, Bridgewater is in Top 15 Best places to live in East coast. Thats so wonderful! I didnt know until now! BUT, we now live about 40 miles from new york city. Its still an evenings drive away, but would never come as close as it was in our Jersey city Port side tower apartment. It was literally a stone throw away to manhattan. What we miss from that aspect, we seem to have recouped by now being just a mile away from the Lord Venkateshwara Temple. So no more excuses from visting the Lord every week. We have already been there thrice since we have moved ! Eventually, a 15 minute drive to work thru the woods is one of the very reasons we live here. 🙂

Glad to have you back & See you all more here from now on!

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