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Refreshing with Bach

Life seemed to have run too fast since the last time I was typing something here. Inbetween those days when I thought I should write something, I was inflicted with a sense of mental block. Right at that moment, I feel there is literally NOTHING i could write about. You know that kind of feeling ‘You suck Dude, Go shoot yourself!’ sometimes flashes to me…thats what I mean….So with all the other stuff happening around us, no wonder the left over time from work/eat/sleep is hardly enough to ‘think’ about anything else. I know a lot of people out there love their work because they work everyday in something they are really passionate about. Not everyone is that lucky. Do I belong to that? Hmm…I should admit partially no, but sometimes the search never ends. Reminds me of something I heard from someone..Where ambition ends, Success begins…How true?

We saw Bourne Supremacy last weekend. I am a fan of Matt Damon ever since I saw movies like Good WIll Hunting and Talented Mr.Ripley. I dont know what made Matt/Ben refer to Ramanujam in Good Will Hunting, but I was totally impressed with that thought. The Bourne sequel, Bourne Identity stood out to be different from the type of international spy thrillers. Supremacy didnt let us down and kept us the edges very much. The stunning scene sequences truly keeps you wondering whats next to come, while the car chases were riveting (gave me what I payed for :)). The background score especially the fast percussions pumps your heartbeats a bit up so you are in sync with the gravity of the chases. Good Job. If you are wondering what the story is about, remember the tamil flick ‘Vetri Vizha’, Kamal/Prabhu starrer? Sometime last week we caught up with Bollywood world with ‘Main Hun Na’. If this movie can become a super hit, I think I will direct a movie someday and rest assured that it will become a superhit. The word Pakistan just a bit overused. A scene where a psycotic former Indian army officer(Sunil Shetty) mercilessly shoots an poor pakistani lad is unnecessary. Even though the story clearly intends to befriend pakistan, such scenes even if for just a secon, furiates everyone. The bad but true face of terrorists & millitants were far better as shown in Roja(and even kannathil muthamittal), here it was more kiddishly comical than anything else. I would blame it more on Farah Khan than Sunil. Also, for heaven sake, why dont Shahrukh change his style? He can do better movies than helping Farah Khan. Sushmita was tough sell, i am not sure if shes got the looks anymore?. Anyway, my opinion doest matter, the movie apparently is a super hit. What can I say, Indian audience will remain as unpredictable as always. And the last in our movie week, this friday, Harini didnt miss a chance to pick up ’50 First Dates’ starring Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore. Simple story line, Adam falls in love with Drew with love at first sight. He realizes the next day that she has strange type of amnesia where she forgets everything that night and always wakes up to remember the day before her fatal accident. So he flirts around her everyday trying different things to impress her and date her. Of course, noone would do it but for Drew barrymore and Hawaii! This will make a perfect story for an Indian (tamil) movie! There was only one good thing in the movie…it was the spectacular Hawaii. Niether was anything funny in the movie nor emotional. Sandler has become so famous and rich he will make such movies for his own fun, out of his vacation in hawaii.

Gladly wrapped up ‘Writing down the bones‘ but was desperate to read something refreshing, I picked up Illusions from my shelf for yet another read. Some of you might know Richard Bach from Jonathan Livingston Seagul, if not, dont miss your next chance to read this very short masterpiece by Bach. Illusions is one of his follow-ons to Seagul. Though I believed (more now) in subconscious thoughts and their powers, Bach rejuvenated my thinkings on parallel universes and oppurtunities to realize its values. Bach describes our fears/skills/character/dreams and other such traits of human mind as having connections to parallel universes, where we might be seeing and talking to others(in their parallel universes). Like this as he goes, it is an interesting phenomena and so he has a cult following in the meta physical readers.

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