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Washington to Columbus

After a hectic visit in Washington DC past weekend, we are all set to leave to Columbus tonight for yet another vacation weekend. This time we should be ok, as columbus doesnt have much to see besides we have a wedding to attend to. We will stay put most of the time.

The july 4th firewords at DC was just splendid. Though we were drenched waiting in the rain for more than four hours, it was all worth it. To add to the excitement, I was wearing an orange outlaw T-Shirt that read ‘Parole Violator’. What do you think? I was serious? I better not, it was just for fun.

You can imagine what kind of security would be around the white house and capitol hill. With my skin color and freaking hair style, Folks with me were warning me against provoking the cops to question me. Except for a cop, who shouted alound ‘Hey, Look at the Parole violator there!’, Nobody gives a damn to what you are wearing, much less, whats written on your t-shirt. Infact it was so hot and humid, especially after the rain, a lot of poeple chose to wear the least! Of course, I knew that cop was just pulling my legs. This is America! This is exactly what it means to have Freedom!

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